Biodegradable waste management bins

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Size (in ltr)
  • steel
  • iron
  • fibre

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Organic wastes are consumables that live in your refrigerator or come as wastes from your kitchen , they include fruits, vegetables, meat etc.

We strive to accomplish your goals in how you want your bio degradable materials to be handled. We make taking responsibility easy.

We at Organic Waste Management are a team that truly values the relationships and work diligently to exceed expectations of our client . we are sure that you will be paid extremely competitive prices and done so in a timely manner. We make available material pick-ups are made when promised. we will find innovative solutions to resolve your waste and scrap issues. We are always here to answer your questions.

Microorganisms are a liquid mixed culture made up of lactic acid bacteria, photosynthesis bacteria and yeast. They are the basis for all micro organic products, which are created by fermentation. During fermentation, organic substances (such as herbs, sugar cane molasses etc.) are converted by enzymes or microorganisms. The addition of microorganisms enables substances to be created that would be very difficult or even impossible to produce chemically.

Food waste makes up a massive proportion of the waste sent to landfills. Since this material can be anaerobically composted, states have recently instituted bans on sending food waste to road bunks . The bans work a little differently depending on the state, but generally have two main components. The distance from compostor/digester. Any organization or business that is inside this radius AND generates more than the minimum tons of food waste. There are few exceptions, mainly for a town based hotels.

Food waste has less expensive disposal than trash and penalty . Feel free to contact us and we will conduct a trash audit. This involves understanding your unique situation and making recommendations based on it. Even if we can't save you money by diverting your food waste, we might still be able to save you money on your waste disposal through Naturally occurring bacteria break down food waste into high quality, soil-enriching compost for residential and commercial landscaping, gardening, and farming.

Usage & pricing :

Required 2 containers. ( with two months required solutions )

  •   15 Ltr Fiber container : Rs. 1,200

  •   20 Ltr Steel container : Rs. 5,000

  •   30 Ltr Seel container : Rs. 7,000

  •   1800 Ltr GP (IRON metallic painted ) : Rs. 30,000

  •   36,000 Ltr GP Container : Rs. 5,00,000

  •   Organic Seeds : Rs.100 ( 5 variety seeds)

  •   Compost Fertilizer : Rs.30 / Kg

  •   SEASONAL : Tree Seeds - 30 Variety. Grass Seeds - 5 Variety

Key benefits of waste management with bio bins :

  •   Positively influence and regenerate the microbial environment (soil, plants, skin, household surfaces etc.).

  •   Are used wherever bacteria live: in the soil and on plants (gardening and agriculture), in animal husbandry, on the skin (cosmetics), in ponds and pools or in cleaning.

  •   Accelerate the transformation of organic materials and prevent decomposition.

  •   Microorganisms produce large quantities of antioxidants. These primarily consist of: polysaccharides, chelated minerals with catalytic activity as well as limited quantities of vitamins C and E and micro-nutrients.

  •   They can directly and indirectly prevent decomposition in all substances and thus keep living organisms and the environment healthy.

  •   The degenerative type of micro-organisms behave in exactly the opposite way to the regenerative ones. The neutral micro-organisms form the biggest group and adhere to the so-called dominance principle of any group that is dominant in a system. Thus, if we can create an environment in which the regenerative micro-organisms are prevalent, these neutral micro-organisms

  •   No odour and no worms.