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Disposable and biodegradable drinking straws made out of paper

Plastic straws are not recyclable and contribute significantly to manmade waste that ends up in landfill and litters our oceans. It is estimated that in India we use around 200 million plastic straws every year. We are strong advocates for saying no to plastic by providing biodegradable and reusable straws.

However, before we can change consumer behaviour, it’s important for people to understand the difference between common straw and paper straw.

Plastic straws are made out of petroleum bi-product polypropylene, which is similar to the fuels we put into our cars. When straws begin to breakdown, they release harmful toxins that pollute the environment. When exposed to hot water or steam, plastic straws can easily melt and leak toxins.

Paper straws are by far the most environmentally-friendly option. Paper straws breakdown quickly (they start to breakdown within three days if they end up in our oceans), and are compostable. It is important however to research the brand or manufacturer before purchasing a paper straw product and check customer reviews.

To do your part to stop to the use of plastic straws is easy; don’t buy them in supermarkets and when ordering a drink, ask for a non-plastic straw. Paper straws !

There is a bit of controversy around paper straws as some brands use harmful chemicals when manufacturing the straw in order to overcome common complaints such as paper straws getting soggy too quickly or the colour of paper straws leaching into drinks. Paper straws are also slightly more expensive than the more commonly-used plastic straw, which are usually priced around Rs.99 per bag in the supermarket.

However, if you buy better brands, such as those The Rubbish Whisperer sells, you will find that there was no need for plastic straws in the first place. While paper straws may cost a little more, the feel-good emotion you get from a refreshing drink will only get better when you know your straw won’t have a negative impact on the environment.