Decomposting Bacteria for waste management


De composting Bacteria (aka D b) is used in decomposition of municipal wastes, poultry ,meat , kitchen waste, farm wastes etc.

D b decomposes within 45-60 days, depending on waste material. It also can prevent and control bad odors. D-b cultures are supplied on a proprietary nutrient carrier that provides accelerated germination, growth and enzyme production to maximize the reduction of BOD, COD**, suspended solids, etc.

D-b detoxifies the gases like H2S, Ammonia, etc. It can prevent and control soil borne fungal and bacterial diseases and even soil pest. It reduces COD & BOD levels of the leachate / sewage / effluents.D-b increases organic carbon and de composted waste (after filtration) can be used as organic manure for healthy plant growth.

Usage & Dosage: Use 1kg of D-b mix with 100 Lt of ( ferment with1kg of em booster t solution) water ferment it for 1-2 days and makeup to 200ltr water spread on 5-10 MT of waste material. (Dosage may vary depends on condition of the waste material)

Some important points :

  • Separate collection practice of degrading & non degrading waste is advisable.
  • Only after separating the degrading material, add D-b culture. This helps in reducing considerable amount of cost & time.
  • Layering method is the best practice for decomposition of any kind of wastes.
  • Use D-b at the time of mulching.
  • For bulky heaps, spread it on top layers and also pour / drench the diluted culture by making holes at different places on heaps. If possible mulch after 20-25 days & repeat the same process.